The Trendy Top As Seen on TV is the perfect solution for women who love their low rise jeans but don't want their bottom or their belly to be hanging out.  TrendyTop is a top, that's not!  You'll get that trendy layered look without the added bulkiness.  This specially designed t-shirt wrap is just for your hips, which covers your exposed belly, rear view and the top part of your pants so you look chic and lean.  TrendyTop extends your top length so you can bend, reach or sit with confidence knowing your skin is not exposed. 







Trendy Top Tucks In Muffin Tops Like Frosting On A Cupcake

 That together and trendy look is yours with Trendy Top to update your closet. Free from the bulk of a tee or a tank, the top that's not gives your wardrobe a fresh new spin. Getting a cool layered look is easier than ever before, and comfortable too. Trendy Top bridges the gap between those favorite jeans and shirts in a fashionable look without the fuss or expense of a complete makeover.


Blend Trendy Top With Your Look For An Instant Update

Trendy Top is offered in a range of neutral shades to coordinate with any style. The bonus offer of two free tops ensures a variety of hip, stylish looks. Along with the classic black and white versions, this special deal includes beige and gray to double the value. The tidy and polished look is versatile and comfortable. No more fumbling to avoid panty peek-a-boo or worries that your midsection could make an unexpected appearance, Trendy Top has you covered.